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Quality. Health. Family.

We are on a mission to improve the health of our soil, our animals, and our community. 

Everything begins with the land. 

Our family has been farming in this corner of Snow Camp since the early 1800s, and the passion to steward this land runs deep. 

After years as a tobacco farm then a commercial beef operation, we decided there had to be a better way to care for our land. 

In 1998, we discovered rotational grazing. It was a turning point for our soil and our family.

Our cattle move from pasture to pasture eating grasses and naturally fertilizing the soil with their manure. Pastures are given plenty of time to rest and recover before the herd is reintroduced. Rotational grazing lets us get out of the way and allow God’s creation to flourish the way it's supposed to. 

We haven’t put synthetic fertilizer on the fields in over 20 years and they are thriving.

Our focus on the land led us to a breed of cattle called South Poll. Our soil grows large amounts of fescue grass and, in the summer, the farm is very hot. South Poll cattle thrive on a 100% grass diet. They are resistant to the heat and they work well with fescue. Once we introduced this gentle breed to the farm, we found our missing piece. 

Harris Homeplace Farm high-quality beef is possible because our healthy soil produces great forage that gets eaten by healthy cattle. It all comes back to the land.

After raising and eating our 100% grass fed beef, we came to understand the health benefits of clean, local meat. Our meat is nutrient dense, lower in unhealthy fats, and better for your health and the environment. We can feel the difference, and you will too. Having left the conventional beef system behind, it didn’t make sense to get pork and chicken from the grocery store either. 

Our land provides a bounty of beef, pork, and chicken which feeds our family and yours. 

We raise our heritage breed pigs on forested pastures, which is why we call them “woodland raised”. They are clearing out space in our woods by rooting and roaming for acorns, nuts, and grasses in between towering Oak and Hickory trees. The resulting pork is clean, nutrient dense, and delicious. 

Our chickens are moved daily from field to field. As they turn over the soil, they add nitrogen back in to make it even healthier. They add to the fertilization from the cows, and also help keep pests and parasites out of our pastures. We are proud to produce true pasture-raised chicken.

We steward our land for the community. 

We raise meat not just for our family. We raise it for you and your’s.

South Poll Cattle

South Polls are unique cattle. This four way cross of Red Angus, Hereford, Barzona, and Senepol was specifically bred to withstand the heat of the South, though they can be found all over the country. The cows have a docile nature and graze well regardless of the temperature. They are also known for being particularly good mothers.


South Poll cattle thrive on a 100% grass diet. They produce high quality meat with beautiful yellow fat and a distinct, rich flavor.


We are proud members of the South Poll Grass Cattle Association and offer fullblood South Poll Cattle for sale.