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South Poll Cattle For Sale

About The Breed

We discovered South Poll Cattle over 15 years ago and purchased the start of our herd in 2006 after raising traditional black cattle. The South Poll breed fits perfectly into our grazing management as they thrive in the hot, humid temperatures while being rotated to fresh pasture and only being raised on 100% grass. 

Their docility, maternal traits, and overall easy-keeping make them an obvious choice in our eyes.

The South Poll Breed started in 1989 and are a cross between Red Angus, Hereford, Senepol, and Barzona and has been selected to fit the needs of raising cattle in a grass-based system.  They are smaller framed cattle which helps to provide a more economical solution for small farms like ourselves.  We are very active within the South Poll Grass Cattle Association as we continue to grow our herd.

The ability of South Polls to thrive in a grass-based system makes them a great choice for those wanting to produce grass-fed beef. 

They provide us with a flavorful product while requiring little inputs other than our pastures.  The breed along with a low-stress environment also aids in producing tender cuts of meat.

How To Purchase

We often have cattle for sale. This may include options of Cow/Calf pairs, bred heifers, open heifers, and bulls. If you are interested in South Polls contact us in the form below and we will help you get started!

Let us know what you're looking for and we'll be in touch.