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1/4 Bulk Beef Deposit

1/4 Bulk Beef Deposit

Deposit for a bulk beef order.

The total cost is $10.50 per finished lb of beef. Our 1/4 of beef is usually between 90-100 lbs, give or take some depending on the animal. This will serve as your reservation for 1/4 of beef. After ordering we will be in contact on scheduling your order.

Cuts Typically Include:

Ground Beef

Steaks (Ribeye, Tenderloin Filet, Sirloin, Strip)

Roasts (Chuck, Sirloin Tip, London Broil, Shoulder Pot Roast, Brisket)

Small (Stew Meat, Short Ribs, Hotdogs, Beef Kabobs)

Organs and Bones (Liver, Kidney, Soup Bones, Marrow Bones, Beef Fat)

*Subject to Change*